We acknowledge and accept responsibility

As an independent Swiss family company, swissFineLine is committed to values such as quality, innovation, craftsmanship and passion.

As a company aware of its responsibilities, we also actively engage with projects that lead to economic, social and ecological benefits.

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Working closely with the Stiftung LebensART charitable foundation, we advocate the integration of people with physical or mental disabilities into the workplace. 

We help them develop the skills required for greater independence and self-determination.

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We promote a learning culture

Today’s young apprentices and trainees are the key team members of tomorrow. Therefore, it is natural for us to invest in the younger generation.

A metalworking apprenticeship specialising in metal construction and installation takes four years. Following on from that qualification, while employed by us you can also undertake 2 years’ additional training to become a qualified metal construction practitioner.

Green Line

swissFineLine is committed to resource-saving manufacturing processes. This includes economical use of the material aluminum and a recycling-oriented production of the raw material processes used.

Due to the long service life, freedom from maintenance, good recyclability and low weight (transport), aluminum achieves a very positive ecological balance.

Photovoltaic system

The photovoltaic (PV) system installed on our showroom roof in 2014 consists of 158 PV modules with an area of 260 m². They supply 34,200 kWh of electricity per year. This covers 34% of our annual electricity consumption.

The same amount of electricity could power 10 households. Over the minimum 25-year life of the PV system, it will have saved around 100,000 litres of heating oil. In terms of CO2 emissions, that equates to 20,000 kg.


Now even safer!

swissFineLine resists even the most brutal attacks. The sliding window has recently been tested in the firing class up to FB6-NS. Whatever may come, you are safe behind our sliding windows.

Chanceless from the outside

No chance for burglars. swissFineLine achieves top security class RC4. Find out more about the most secure elegant sliding window.


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